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Ryan has a diverse background of work experiences ranging from a corporate setting to entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the past 15 years, he has gained extensive knowledge in real estate investments, operations, supply chain management, and finance. His corporate background has given him the tools to collaborate with teams, drive results, and focus on growth in initiatives. His real estate journey consists of managing a personal portfolio of rentals, participating as a limited partner in syndications, and sponsoring several projects as a general partner.

Ryan continues to expand his investment knowledge and achievements in commercial real estate, business acquisition and senior housing. He is actively invested in several commercial real estate projects which includes ownership interest in 165 multifamily units and 206 licensed CBRF (Assisted Living) beds. Most recently, Ryan has been instrumental in the acquisition, management, and grow th of the senior housing communities he is involved in. Other notable achievements include Co-Founding a successful tea beverage business and building a cash flowing ATM portfolio. Proper. allows him to bring a much-appreciated level of problem solving, creativity, and ambition to the team while utilizing a platform to impact those we interact and invest with. Ryan holds an MBA with a focus in Finance and considers himself an avid learner. He is a father of two young daughters and a proud husband to his wife, Britni. He pursues each day seeking to positively impact his family, those he works with, and the projects he is invested in.


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